Garden Fresh Co-op- A New Dimension in Networking!


Garden Fresh Co-op is changing how Networking, MLM and Affiliate Marketing work by taking the best of all three and blending them with the power of a Co-op! Here is how that works.


· You Have access to over 25,000 BRAND NAME products!

· Products that everyone uses every day!

· Products you see on store shelves every day!

· You can save up to 50% off regular retail pricing!


· You don’t have to stock, sell or ship any products!

· You get paid on all 25,000+ Products!

· Up to five levels deep!

· No Selling is required to earn!

· No Monthly Autoship is required to Earn!


· You get paid on every product sold in the company!

· Every quarter you receive a share of the company profits.


You have 4 Upgraded memberships to choose from or you can remain a Free Personal Shopper. No matter which program you choose you can use our Subscription program to save up to 50% on 25,000+ organic. natural and eco-friendly products in the General Store.

If you choose to upgrade to Member, Member+ Hands Free Advertiser or Owner you can earn an unlimited amount of money with our exclusive and uniquely powerful Profit Sharing program. You can also receive free shipping just by telling others about the program even if they never upgrade from Free Personal Shopper.

Members+ with a subscription program as well as all Hands-Free Advertisers and all Owners will participate in our 5 level Community Commission program, Owners will also participate in our Owners Bonus program

Money Saving Subscriptions

We do not force anyone to purchase an autoship in order to earn money through our commission programs. We do however give you great reasons to use our Subscription system to save money.

  • There are 4 available Money Saving Subscriptions!
  • Each Subscription is available to any Member Free or Upgraded!
  • Each Subscription comes with discounts of up to 50% below retail!
  • 100% of your monthly Subscriptions are placed as creditin your General Store Account!
  • You can use your General Store creditto buyany products at any time!
  • Any credit you don’t use in any month will be kept in your account for use by you in future months!
  • You can upgrade, downgrade or discontinue any Super Saver Subscription at any time!

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